Testimonials from our customers

We've had fantastic feedback from our customers, some of which we've detailed below. For a more in depth case study, click here.

EduKit wellbeing surveys have enabled us to identify students’ difficulties and be proactive with intervention strategies to support their individual needs and improve outcomes.
— Assistant Headteacher, Emma Molyneux, Albany Academy

Maynard testimonial
Insight allows schools to spot trends at an individual, class, cohort and whole school level. This has meant we’ve been able to take the right steps in carrying out appropriate revisions to policies and programmes.

The response from the EduKit team is always quick and supportive and the system is so useful and easy to manage.
— Assistant Head, Matthew Loosemore, The Maynard School

It is very easy to use. It links to our MIS and automatically updates, so the set-up is really easy.

I highly recommend this tool to any PPG Coordinator.
— Acting Assistant Headteacher, Charlotte Auger, Overton Grange

EduKit Insight brings benefits in terms of LAC funding and accountability at PEP meetings and has enabled us to clearly see where funding is located and allocate it accordingly.

An impressive feature of Insight is the ability to see an accurate whole school picture as well as being able to drill down to individual pupil level at the touch of a button.
— Headteacher, Mary Rome, Philip Southcote Special Needs School

It helps track Pupil Premium spend, allows you to identify intervention groups and assess the impact of any strategies used.

EduKit Insight is a fantastic easy to use tool.
— Assistant Headteacher, Garth Watson, Abbey Grange CE school