Making a difference

EduKit is a social enterprise committed to improving outcomes for children and young people, with particular focus on those who are disadvantaged. We do this by providing on and offline services to schools/colleges, organisations that work with young people and others with an interest in improving the life chances of those in need, such as mental health research agencies, local authorities and government agencies.

We are constituted as Company Limited by Shares and our social mission is clearly outlined in our governing documents. Furthermore, we have a mission lock (managed by a Golden share held by the Impact Hub Kings Cross) as well as a commitment in place to reinvest 10% of future profits into projects that specifically tackle youth disadvantage. 

Finally, as a general principle, we always strive to ensure that our services are accessible to all - typically this means that basic access to our EduKit Insight platform is available for free. Furthermore, our online directory of youth services for schools, EduKit Connect, is and will always be available to schools for free:  

For further information on our social mission or legal status please book a call