Perfect for Primaries

EduKit offers fantastic support to Primary schools. Through our easy-to-use application, schools can: 

  • Highlight any safeguarding concerns and log any support you have put in place to address these
  • Log and track interventions, providing evidence of impact 
  • Prepare students for transition to Secondary school with wellbeing surveys for Years 5 & 6 and for younger students enter SDQ data to monitor how this progresses over time


Insight automatically generates your end-of-year Pupil Premium report, year group reports, ePEP reports for Looked After Children and more. 

So you can be ready and prepared when asked any question on student support or safeguarding from stakeholders such as governors or Ofsted.

Respond more effectively to the needs of students by understanding problem areas, allowing you to put support in place BEFORE issues arise.

Identify at-risk pupils early to limit the likelihood of fixed-term exclusions and the costs that come with them.

Slice and dice results by gender, ethnicity, FSM status, friendship groups or any other groupings that you choose. Benchmark your results against all participating schools.


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